Our mission is to create a multiverse of artificial "worlds", each "world" represented by communities of practitioners which (a) collectively maintain a body of knowledge about themselves and their environment and (b) engage in practices consistent with that knowledge.To facilitate this development, we will provide  these communities with digital resources helping them to design, create and maintain such artificial "worlds".





  • We receive only Ether.


  • Contract address to send Ether:   0x54A91Ab8c30C54a86eC7f4CCe9B82f073FDE9c8c


  • Beware of fake sites - if you cannot access sizmari.com, wait and try it again later.



    • SYMBOLIC Universe

    Collections of theoretical traditions linking various domains of meaning in an all embracing frame of reference (Berger and Luckmann, 1966). 


    Offers an all-inclusive contextual framework for all our understanding and constitutes a universe almost in a literal sense of the word because all human experience can be considered of as taking place within it.


    One of the key functions of a Symbolic Universe is to define our identities. Another critical function is to identify and legitimise practices capable of resolving marginal situations.


    A Symbolic Universe is internalised during a childhood and can be revised (or even updated completely) during an adulthood. 








 ________________________________ DIGITAL PLANET





  • Accommodates a digital representation of either the whole Symbolic Universe or a fraction of it.


  • Includes structured collections of data, knowledge and services specific to that universe.


  • Provides digital support for a community of practitioners helping to design, implement and maintain an instance of the Symbolic Universe.











   DIGITAL UNIVERSE _____________________________________   





  • Combines Digital Planets representing a particular Symbolic Universe.


  • New practitioners will be able to extend a Digital Universe by easily replicating established planets and customising them to new areas of expertise.









 DIGITAL MULTIVERSE __________________________


Provides resources to be shared across digital universes 


  • Conventions and standards to improve cross world communication.


  • Seed planet (with minimum but critical set of services) to facilitate development of new universes.


  • Blockchain machinery to support licence agreement, provenance of data, records of ownership and any other services associated with the inheritance and sharing of resources across the multiverse 




TIVERSE of DIGITAL WORLDS __________________________________ 


   SIZ tokens  _______________________________



  • To facilitate access to digital goods and services offered by the multiverse.
  • To support development of the digital platform.
  • 109 tokens will be allocated as a reserve. The rest will be minted on demand over the sale period (1/03/2018-28/02/2019).  
  • To encourage early adopters, the rate of SIZ tokens will be rising over the course of the sale period starting from 10-5 Ethers per a SIZ token in March 2018, and up to 10-2 Ethers per a SIZ token in February 2019.
  • The token sale is based on a refundable eschatological and has the minimum goal set to 5000 Ethers.











      Year 1

      1. Engagement with partners and collaborators.

      2. Commencement of the development of the digital platform.



                      Year 2-3

                            1. A pilot digital platform implemented.

                            2. Sample artificial "worlds" established (Simulacrum and Sizmari Universes)

                            3. Target marketing and engagement with small businesses.




       Year 4-5

      1. Live operation of the complete system.

      2. Research highlights from the sample artificial "worlds".

      3. Attending outstanding issues and plans the future.





   TEAM __________________________________________________



Nugzar Margvelashvili – founder.

I am a numerical modeller - I can write a simple code, and dream up some random stuff (like this one, for example).   



  Team members to be hired:    


Captain Nemo – CTO to lead development of the Multiverse platform.

Descartes – lead developer of the Universe of Simulacrum, must have an expertise in data management, modelling, and machine learning. Analogous to IOT platforms, the Simulacrum will offer an infrastructure for numerical modellers to register and process real-time modelling products. Unlike IOT platforms, the Simulacrum will have a capacity to predict the future.

Siddhartha – lead developer of a the Sizmari Universe. Siddhartha's job will be to help sizmarians to develop an intellectually appealing conceptual foundation of the multiverse. This foundation could be based on one of the established teachings (e.g. possible worlds in philosophy, mutiverse theories in physics, interpretations by religious teachings etc.), however, developing a new teaching from scratch would be particularly encouraged.


Darth Vader  – software engineer / blockchain.


Akhenaten – software engineer, 

web and linux.

Snow White – communications and marketing. Rapunzel – finance and legal. Dracula – HR.






   Advisors __________________________________




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